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Countertop Installation Tips

Selecting the right countertop for your home can be an overwhelming process. The following countertop installation tips and recommendations are to help ensure a smooth process.

  • If plumbing or electrical changes are planned as a result of new cabinetry or countertops, schedule the appropriate professional to disconnect/connect as needed on installation day.
  • Countertops are typically installed after flooring, cabinets, and appliances. This is true for both new builds, and remodeling projects.
  • If an apron or farmhouse sink is being used, it must be installed prior to template process.
  • For the final measure and template process, be sure to have your sink, faucets, soap pumps, and cooktops on hand. This is essential for the installers to make accurate cuts in your countertop.
  • After installation of countertops, final wall preparation can begin. Do not paint, tile or wallpaper areas above countertops prior to installation.

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