Updated 12/05/2022

Many homeowners are right to be sensitive about having people outside of their immediate family inside their homes and thus we are happy to wear masks upon request. We have successfully worked with immunocompromised customers in the past. Beautiful Finish, LLC takes the safety and health of its customers and staff very seriously. Two (currently healthy) members of the company know first hand that COVID-19 symptoms range from mild to debilitating. Both the business owner and the manager are fully inoculated with a mRNA vaccine.  Your first contact–the manager of Beautiful Finish– also has the bivalent COVID-19 vaccine.

Early January 2021 saw a peak daily infection rate of about 250,000 nationally, then over  800,000 around the same time in 2022.  We wish everyone good health this season and hope to avoid a 3rd winter surge. Check out vaccines.gov to find a place near you where you can update your inoculation.

We continue to monitor public health metrics and listen to recommendations from the Center for Disease Control, state and municipal authorities.  The latest statistics for Middlesex County report 9 new daily infections per 100,000 people and an upward trend in case numbers of 2% over the last 14 days.

Before meeting in person, we start conversations with homeowners about their kitchens over email, phone, and video chat. We provide a preliminary estimates once customers provide us with sufficient information on their project’s needs. Next, we schedule a home visit at a mutually agreeable time. (We need to inspect the cabinetry in person before we can quote a job.)

While finishing cabinetry, our work has always included wearing masks, gloves, and isolating kitchens from the rest of a house. Before we start spraying a finish on wood, we put up plastic walls and use a high-powered fan that forces air to flow into the workspace and ejects it to the exterior. This limits our customers’ exposure to fumes and also has the result of limiting the spread of airborne pathogens among people in the house.