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Andrew “Sandy” Archibald has been a professional carpenter since 1976. He specializes in kitchen restoration adaptations, cabinetry and installing new hardware. He installs drywall and generally does all things kitchen.

He has worked in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Mr. Archibald built many of the exhibits on the mount Shire Museum in Norwich Vermont.  At the start of his wood-working career, he not only built furniture but exquisitely crafted game pieces for backgammon boards.   Several row boats also occupy lines on his list of expertly and uniquely fabricated pieces. Andrew has made musical instruments including an autoharp and a flageolet (wooden Penny Whistle). He taught woodworking from 2000 to 2002 at a Waldorf School.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Virginia. He worked for three years in the William C. Clef lab in Duxbury Massachusetts. He conducted ecological studies around power plants measuring populations before and after air environment was affected by the power plant.

As a highly skilled and experienced carpenter, he can build entire kitchens from scratch. At Beautiful Finish, we say that if it can be done, Andrew can do it!

Andrew Archibald Carpenter
Andrew Archibald Carpenter