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Kitchen Cabinet Restoration • Acton, MA

Eduardo Quintana is the owner and talent behind Beautiful Finish LLC.

Before he became a professional wood finisher, he worked in a music production business that traveled internationally with some of the biggest names on the music scene. He brought to the job a discipline and intensity that soon landed him a promotion to stage manager. In this role, he managed several roadies and ensured a high quality of work under tight timelines.

He started working in the finishing business 1998. He became adept at the art of refinishing after starting his career working on a number of challenging antiques. His mechanical facility revealed itself early on. While still new on the job he was presented with a gorgeous but shattered antique ice chest. What had appeared beyond repair, Mr. Quintana was able to transform into a coveted furnishing for the customer’s home.

He was eager to learn and took on challenging projects that required a high degree of precision. During the day he would work on furniture in the shop, then spend evenings in the library reading about new finishing techniques. Soon he became the go-to man in the shop for every job that pushed the boundaries of his company’s ability.

He has touched up furniture in more than 10,000 hotel rooms in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

His favorite woods are cherry and walnut. He is the father of two sons.

Eduardo Quintana is the owner of Beautiful Finish LLC.
Eduardo Quintana is the owner of Beautiful Finish LLC.
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